Heather D. Sojourner, MD
Jordan River Family Medicine
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Welcome to my practice.  I know you have options when choosing your physician so I am honored you have chosen my practice as your medical home.  My medical assistant is Crystal and she has been my right hand since 2005.  We have worked out a great system that helps us stay organized and our patients cared for.  Every office runs a little differently so let us share about our practice so your patient experience will be pleasant.


Jordan River Family Medicine has five Board Certified Family Physicians and the office hours are Mon-Wed 8 AM-7 PM, Thurs-Fri 8 AM-5 PM, Sat 8 AM- 12 PM.  I work 8 AM- 5 PM on Mon, Tues, Fri, off on Thursday, 8 AM-7 PM on Wed and every 3-4th Saturday from 8 AM- 12PM. Our office closes from 1-2 PM each day for lunch.  When I am not available I would always prefer my patients to see one of my partners instead of going to urgent care.  We are not a ‘walk-in’ clinic but we always save room for same day appointments.



The onsite laboratory hours are Mon-Fri 8 AM-5 PM & Sat 8 AM- 12PM.  No appointment is necessary when coming to the lab.  Quest Diagnostics staffs our lab and the billing associated with the lab is handled directly by them.



When first meeting someone I like to schedule a ‘get established’ visit where I can thoroughly review the medical history and determine a plan of action (so bring an accurate list of medications, immunization records, list of surgeries, etc).  Once a health care plan is established I will likely have you schedule a complete physical and get any necessary lab work.  I am a huge fan of preventative screening services.  Certainly when you are sick we will do whatever is necessary to help you get better.  For patients with stable chronic medical issues I tend to set up recurring office visits every 3-6mos, however, for more sick patients I will see them as often as necessary to get them stable.  Well care visits should be scheduled yearly (adults and children).  If you are due for laboratory blood work always get the tests prior to our scheduled visit so we can discuss the results when you come in.  I generally will give patients enough medication refills to get them to the next scheduled appointment so if you run out of medication it is a prompt that an office visit is necessary.  Patients are required to follow-up as planned and thus will not be given unlimited medication refills. 



When patients do need a medication refill the pharmacy should fax a refill request.  The request comes straight to me, the doctor, and not the medical assistant.  I fax or ePrescribe the refill back to the pharmacist directly.  Patients will not be contacted once the refill is completed unless there is a specific concern or issue that needs to be addressed.  It is up to the patient to correspond with the pharmacy directly but please allow adequate time for the refill to be processed.  We require 24 hours to address all refill requests and/or to get paper prescriptions ready for scheduled drugs like narcotics or stimulant medication.  Medications may or may not be refilled on weekends or holidays so always plan accordingly.  Medical Assistants won’t know the status of refill requests since the physician answers them.  For patients choosing to use mail order pharmacies be cautious e because they are often more trouble than they are worth but we will give 90 day supplies of most medications if patients desire.  Patients are responsible for all transactions with the mail order pharmacies and should an error occur patients must take initiative to ensure they receive the proper medications with appropriate dosing.



When any testing has been ordered I always want you to know the result.  We are not a ‘No News is Good News’ office – we are a “No News Means We Didn’t Get the Result Office’.  We depend on the patient to help us track down information.  Labs generally take 2 – 10 days (2 days for yearly labs, 10 days for hormone therapy) to return depending on what is ordered, imaging studies usually take 1-3 days, pathology results like pap smears and skin biopsies take 2-10 days, pulmonary function tests/EMGs 7 days, etc.  I only get same day results when I have ordered the test STAT regardless of what radiology may indicate.  If you feel we should have received the result and you have not been notified leave a message on Crystal’s voice mail with your name, the test ordered and the name of the hospital where you got the test. Remember, if you have an appointment already scheduled to review the test or lab we will not call you with the result unless it is urgent.  Getting a call from Crystal does not mean something is wrong so don’t get stressed when she leaves a message.


We are not a perfect office and are always striving to do better.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.  We know we will not be a fit for everyone but hopefully we will work nicely for you and your family.

Once again thanks for allowing us to care for you.